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Default Nutritional value label question

So I was looking through my fitday today and what I have to eat and it hit me....maybe I'm doing this wrong. I'll use chicken for example. I buy the frozen chicken from wal mart. I took the nutritional values from the bag and entered them as a custom food in fitday. We will say that 4oz = 200 calories(which I now assume is for the raw chicken as is in the bag). So I cook the chicken and then measure out 4oz and eat it according to my fitday. This is how I've always done it.

BUT.....the values on the bag are probably as is, correct? So, if I cook the chicken before I measure it out, then the chicken's weight is lighter. This causes me to have to use more chicken to get 4oz. Let's just say the same piece of chicken weighs 2oz after it's cooked. So I double that to get 4oz of cooked chicken. Does this not mean that I have also doubled the amount of raw chicken which is what the values are for? In essence, I am getting 400 calories instead of 200?

Am I thinking of this wrong?
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