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Originally Posted by jjrudd View Post
Been recently diagnosed as type 2 diabetic in March. While my A1C is still on the lower end my Dr really wants me to lose weight--well to put it bluntly, I HAVE TO lose weight.
Hoping keeping a log of what I eat will help me to see where I can cut back. Having a hard time being motivated to exercise when it's 90 degrees outside. I use video games (Wii Fit and Biggest Loser) for exercise and walk.
I was diagnosed as boarder line type 2 in September of last year. From one person who has been on this journy for almost a year, I am happy to share with you that keeping a log of what you eat will help you see where to cut back on. Small steps work the best. Before I was even diagnosed I was watching how much pop I was drinking, and how many sweet treats I was enjoying. I also use the Wii Fit as my work out. I love the plank, and the stepping. The other games are so fun that they don't even feel like your working out. As much as I hate getting lab every 3 months to check my A1C, I am thankful my doctor ran the test. I have learned so much since this site was recommended to me. As far as losing weight I have been able to maiantain a 40lb lose. Don't give up on what you are doing, you will see changes even if no one else does, do to them being tiny from month to month.
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