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Originally Posted by uncanny_sword View Post
Hey VitoVino!

I am so impressed with your resolve and your success! You look great! I know how easy it can be to succumb to convenience food. I can't even imagine the added pressure of long days/nights on the road with the temptations of eating out all the time.

Just a question if you don't mind. what kind of foods do you put in your cooler? I will need to start packing my lunches myself, and could use ideas from someone who lost 40 lbs!
I packed water, unsweetened iced tea, bananas, apples, peanuts, almonds, fiber bars, low salt pretzels, cans of tuna, fresh carrots, and hard boiled eggs. I ate pretty much the same almost every day except for once a week where treated myself to a Subway hoagie. If I went with the guys to a FF place I always opted for a salad with vinegarette, maybe a broiled chicken wrap, along with a cup of water.

Eating light was no problem as the temps soared into the low 100's in the Yard, and it was more like 110 inside the truck. The A/C didn't work well if at all. Old trucks.

When I'm on the road I'll have a frig with me in my sleeper. Also a George Foreman grill. I'll be eating turkey burgers on multigrain bread and microwaving sweet potatoes. I'll be doing all my own cooking and when I can't I'll always choose a salad at any stop.

Think of food as fuel for the body instead of feeding emotions

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