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Default Resisting the backslide

Hey everyone!

It's been a while since I've posted. Been a hectic few months. I've been training, working on getting my Commercial Driver's License (CDL), Class A, so I can drive the big rigs.

During training I observed practically everyone eating the SAD (Standard American Diet). Mostly all the truckers and trainers I've met have been overweight and many of them obese. I think it's more challenging in the trucking industry because it takes even more discipline to stick to your guns and eat what's right, not what's easy.

The last four weeks, instead of going to Wendy's or McD's or Burger King with the gang, I opted to take a cooler to school every day and eat the foods that helped me achieve my 40+ pound weight loss, which I've been maintaining since December. The guys made fun of me and said I was eating "bird seed" for lunch. LOL. But I didn't cave in to the pressure to conform. And yes I cheated here and there, but when all was said and done I have only gained a pound in the last month, my BMI is still well within the healthy range. And now I plan on losing that pound before I gain any more. I'm taking no prisoners when it comes to my diet!

Over the last year I've taken a hard line with many folks here and elsewhere about choosing the correct foods and making the tough choices. But it's not just talk; I've been leading by example. I hope that when I'm on the road, trucking through this country, that I can help more people realize that they don't have to be held captive to the marketing scheme that is called the SAD.

Healthy diet. Just do it.

PS: Here's a shot of yours truly on graduation day. FYI no, my gut didn't grow, the shirt I'm wearing just makes me look fat. LOL.


Think of food as fuel for the body instead of feeding emotions
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