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I think it ends up being an 'intermittent fast,' which has had some popularity in recent years. That's the 'watch the scale' diet. The 'count bites' diet is not a fast. You eat three times a day.

The 'watch the scale' diet is pretty much how I spent money on groceries when I was first married. I did all the grocery shopping. I clipped coupons that I took to the supermarket once or twice a week. I bought what looked good and most importantly, what was the cheapest (per pound, for example, when it was meat or fish or cheese, etc.)

I put the food on an index card in a box that I also brought with me to the supermarket. If I needed to buy some protein that I would be including in the dinner meals, I had just one rule: it had to be as cheap or cheaper than what we had previously (as written on the index card). The prices had to follow a downward spiral, and if meat ended up not meeting that requirement (check the sales, and check the regular prices, too - chicken livers were always pretty cheap!), it would be rice and beans or tuna casserole if tuna could be bought cheaply - but then, tuna on sale always ended up in the pantry so I'd have several cans on hand anyway! This pushed my grocery bill down and down and down. I'd use coupons. I'd try some new protein (trout on sale, for example), I'd substitute. But I went by a low price bar and the idea was to keep setting that bar lower.

It worked great! It took a lot of work in the beginning. When prices started to go up on everything, I'd have to really hunt - but vegetarian chili is something I could make from canned goods, or maybe I'd find a sale item at a different store that made a trip worthwhile.

I thought it was my neat little system. One day, I read a post on an internet board in which a guy explained that THAT was how he bought groceries for his family.
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