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Originally Posted by movefaster View Post
your times make mine look awful, but i have to start somwhere. Im going to try another 5k in October. I would like to get below 42mins. That would be 4mins and 50sec off my time.
Whoa...don't worry about other people, just concentrate on yourself -speed will come with time, I think I ran my first 5k in 47 min.
It's taken me 3 years to get to this point, when I first started, I absolutely hated running and could barely run 1/2 block before feeling out of breathe and everything was hurting.
However,I've taken the last 2 months off from running (I've had a couple of injuries and needed to focus on other things) so I'm guessing my times would really be off from what they were. There's a few more races coming up in the next month, so I guess I'll see how "off" I am..
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