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Default carb free weight loss works

:Hi like so many other women pregnancy weight triggered yo yo dieting, calorie counting, pounding the gym. Weight up weight down, on and on, same old story until I met a friend and didn't recognise him. He had been on the dukkan diet and in 4 months had shed 56 lbs. Last year after this meeting I bought the book and it made sense, burn up the fat! First time round I lost 38 lbs but what I didn't learn was that if you start a low carb diet its for good! I put all the weight on as I returned to eating pasta and bread. I started the dukkan five days ago and have lost 5 lbs but this time I recognise low carb eating needs to be a lifestyle or the weight will not stay off ! If anyone else has started a carb fee diet let me know ! Elle
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