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I hadn't used the LC cheese in a while and now I am back on the kick. I love the cheese on a cracker with cucumber (maybe even skip the cracker!) idea that someone had posted and ate that for a little while. Today I am going to have it with kale again, which is a favorite of mine.

As for Wasa. I love these crackers because, well....because I love crackers and these feel like they are diet approved. Anyway, there are 2 different types of wasa crackers that I have come across. Regular and Lite. I don't have them in front of me but I think the regular are 45 calories for 1 cracker and the lite are 60 calories for 2 crackers. This might be causing some of the confusion in total calorie calculation for a wasa/cheese meal.

If you don't like wasa, I recently tried Wheat Thins Flatbread crackers and they are MUCH better. They aren't as filling or as thick at the wasa ones, but they have a lot of flavor and can even be eaten plain. I tried Tuscan Herb and you get 2 crackers for 60 calories....just an alternative cracker to try. (they taste great with a lite swiss LC cheese spread over 2 crackers and a slice of low fat pastrami on each...yum! Total comes to about 125cals....60 for crackers, 35 for cheese and 30 for pastrami.)

Anyway.....back to the cheese!!
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