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Default well I am back!

we had a great time . I can say it was the best vacations ever, now on Sunday Morn, I hit the scale at 337, (gain of 9 since my lowest) sat night we got pizza for carry out and it always makes me carry water. Monday I weighed 334.2, It will most likley take me a week to get back to were I was, looking back I should have taken the scale with me, we had room ! and should have brought more food with me that I was use to eating!, we ate a big breakfast almost everyday. when I usually eat a kaski bar, overall I am not bummed , just wish I had stayed the course a little better!, today Its after lunch here and I ate dry kashi cerial with fresh strawberries, had the normal chicken mango salad I get from WAWA!, ( local nice convienace store) a bananna and a green aple I will eat on the way home from work, ! I haven't figured out dinner yet but I won't slip,, thank you all for your great support! I need it !

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