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Originally Posted by Spookycheeseofdoom View Post
I just smear it onto a slice of wasa bread (about 70 calories total), and pile it with cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes or sometimes a slice of thin deli meat for a fabulous open-face sammich. The crunchiness of the Wasa bread and the rich creaminess of the Laughing Cow makes you feel like you're not even depriving yourself, and it's a lovely breakfast, lunch or snack for about 100 calories total.
I hate to be a naysayer but upon a second glance at this post I think you're miscalculating.

If your piece of bread is 70 calories, and the laughing cow cheese wedge is 35, then that's already 105 calories, before you add the vegetables. A slice of lunch meat runs you about 30-35 calories. That would, at the lowest, be 130 calories if you added that. A half of a medium cucumber is about 12 calories. Maybe you only use a quarter cucumber, so let's say 6 calories. So now we're up to 136. One small tomato is about 16 calories. So now we're up to 152. One quarter of a green pepper is about another 6 calories, so we're up to 158.

It's still low in calories, but it's not "about 100 calories total". I'm not trying to nitpick but if people read this thread it may be important for them to know what the actual calorie count is.
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