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I think the key is: 'You cannot eat until you weigh less than you did before your previous meal. If you weigh more, then have 8 ounces of a zero calorie beverage (water, tea, coffee, diet soda). Wait an hour weigh again.

Once you weigh less than before your last meal you can eat whatever you want for your next meal. '

If you cannot eat until you weigh less then you did before your previous meal, you will play a waiting game. Waiting amounts to a 'fast' and you fast until you are down in weight, even just a little bit. This is going to be painful enough (but you must do it) that you will think about it as you proceed to 'eat what you want.' Sure, you could have a WHOLE pizza if that is 'eating what you want.' But, as you eat that, you will already know what the results are going to be, right? OK, maybe you're willing to do it anyway... just to be able to eat a whole pizza. I'm guessing you're going to scale down what you eat.

This is pretty extreme, because it definitely is going to involve some fasting. You will always be trying to 'meet that goal' and when you hit a plateau, it's going to be tough. But if you stick with it, one effect that will work in your favor is that you will dial down your appetite - fasting does that when fasting is done correctly (plenty of liquids and commitment).

When I read about the 'counting bites' method, the discussion went the same way. People commented, 'You can't lose weight that way! What if you eat really big bites... what if you eat Boston Cream Pie?...' and yet, none of that made a difference. The diet still worked. If you ate 15 bites at each meal, and your weight was 150, and it stayed at 150 as you continued to very carefully eat 15 bites at each meal, then you reduced the bites to 14 at each meal, and tested that number. Then you stuck with that number. Then, when your weight stayed the same, after losing a bit, you reduced 14 bites to 13, and so on. The point is, you take into account hormonal fluctuations, weigh yourself after rising every morning (that's the best you can do) and 'shake out' the fluctuations by sticking to your bite number until you see that you are not losing weight at all and so you need to reduce the number.

If you've tried to 'find the loophole' and ate only the richest, most caloric food you could find and stuffed your mouth with a mouthful, you're going to be stuck at a weight that doesn't budge, or even increases, and so you'll have to reduce the number of bites, anyway. It didn't gain you much to go out of your way to use that loophole. Just cutting out all snacks (that includes caloric drinks, too) is going to have a beneficial effect. Your behavior will change - and a meal is going to be treated like a 'I can have this many bites' situation, which is the hardest thing for a dieter ('I can just have this much food and no more...')

Your behavior will change (as long as you stick to your commitment), your body will react by adjusting to less weight (it's individual how comfortable you will feel with that), and at every meal, you will be able to eat whatever is offered, no matter how flavorful, fattening and delicious!
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