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I'm with Cassie on this one. I can't see that being logical. I have been weighing myself morning and night for 17 months now. Unless I really under-ate on a day, I weigh about 2lbs more at night and that is before my final snack. Sometimes it is as much as 4lbs. The days where I weigh 4lbs more at night usually show about a 1lb gain the next morning. If I keep it to 2lbs up at night then I usually show a loss the next morning. I don't recommend my method for everyone as I know some people completely obsess over the scale. I do what I do so that I can see in black & white the way that the food I ate affects my weight loss/gain.

I think what you are saying would make a person an absolute slave to the scale. I also think that after a few days of depriving yourself of a meal until you weigh less than you did previously that you would just become so frustrated that you may give up all together. Especially if you think this is the only true way to lose weight. I don't see any mention of doing any form of exercise to lose the weight. This would lead me to believe also that if you did follow this method that a larger than usual portion of the weight lost would be muscle and not just fat. Who wants that? So not only are you hungry all the time but now you are tired because your muscles are being lost and you are growing weaker and your skin is beginning to hang loosely on your body. Hmmmm....I think I will stick with eating what I want in moderation, working out, walking and drinking lots of water. I won't worry every minute of the day if I pee'd or poo'd enough to make me weigh the right amount to earn my next meal.
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