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Originally Posted by Absentha View Post
Hi there!
I joined the gym about six weeks ago and I've been exercising almost every day since then. I have been noticing my arms and thighs getting slimmer, but my waist is more or less the same (and yes, I am on a medically controlled 1500 kcal diet). Also, I've gained about 3 kgs. I know this is probably muscle, not fat, but I was wondering if you guys knew when I'll start losing weight instead of gaining it. At the moment I'm doing 25 minutes on the treadmill and 35 on the elliptical machine (besides of crunches series).

Do you have any advice?
A lot of quick weight changes like that are water fluctuations in the body. You really need to take a look at your weight/composition changes over the course of a month and just assure that you are continuing to move in the right direction.

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