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Default A diet plan-eat what you want-guaranteed weight loss

I thought the title of the thread might intrigue you...

OK, here's a thought I've had.

Get yourself bathroom scales that weigh to the nearest 0.2 lbs or more accurately.

Weigh yourself when you first awake in the morning.

Take your vitamin and eat what you want.

When it gets to be time for your next meal don't eat until you weigh yourself. You cannot eat until you weigh less than you did before your previous meal. If you weigh more, then have 8 ounces of a zero calorie beverage (water, tea, coffee, diet soda). Wait an hour weigh again.

Once you weigh less than before your last meal you can eat whatever you want for your next meal.

Continue this until you are at your ideal weight.

Drinking the 8 ounces every hour is to insure you don't get dehydrated.

I guarantee that if you can make yourself do this you'll lose weight. It seems simple, but I doubt most of us have the will power to do it, but it would be interesting to just do it for a week on a stay-cation and see what would happen.
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