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Originally Posted by shivz View Post
hi guys, totally new to this, i just stumbled across a fitness article on fitday, and it was so useful, they know what they are talking about! so i decided, i have a fitness issue, and this is the best place to ask as i'll get a really good answer.
so me:

19 years old, only 5"1. slim in every way, strong legs, BUT, for some reason, i have a bit of a belly. well i say a bit, but my mother asked me if i was pregnant because she thought i looked it. sweet. i'm not too sure if its fat, a bloating that seem permanent or water retention. either way, i've been going to the gym four times a week for a month now..and the belly is still there. i cut out heavy carbs and drink nothing but water. anybody got any advice or help? thank you so much in advance!
How much do you weigh? How much water do you drink daily? Did this belly suddenly appear? Dow is your mom and other family members built?
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