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Originally Posted by differentinside View Post
Yep, canary, I agree, because I have seen the way men treated me when I was thin. I could tell I was getting fat simply because they were treating me differently. How predictable! Now, not all men are like that, I have seen a few golden ones, and most of the time they are with a lady that is a little less attractive (on the outside) but they are total sweethearts.
As for the sex thing, my husband would unfortunately look at porn than be with me. I don't understand that,but hey, he is over 300 pounds, so I'm thinking he's insecure as well. He won't talk about it, I hit a brick wall every time I bring it up. I went from having sex every day ten years ago with him to maybe once a month if I'm lucky? And he wonders why I'm such a grouch sometimes!
That sucks. I am so sorry. Yes it sounds like your husband is insecure or has issues. I hope you guys can work it out because there is sure to be resentment on your part whether you lose weight or not.
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