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You are most welcome. I can tell you that there is not one thing that men find attractive. My anthropology classes suggested that a human universal is a waist to hip ratio of .70. Men vary as do women. I would suggest that a universal for women is that their mate be taller than them. Now I could go into a nerdy discussion on the biological imperatives of all this, but I do not want to bore you. I know that men and women both want different things. Women especially seek security and men, well, men want to have lots of sex. As we grow older, our imperatives change somewhat but never really go away.

Now as for putting numbers into fitday. My observation is that the free version of fitday is slow because so many ads have to load up with each screen refresh (yes I am a recovering computer geek). I think the best way to enter foods quickly would be to create custom foods that are the result of several ingredients, sort of like a recipe. For example, I make a pork with green chili salsa. Now I can add this by entering the pork, potatoes, onions and salsa individually, but instead I create a recipe and then enter data for a portion size ( I use grams) for the recipe.
I don't know if this helps.
On final note on what men find attractive. Women, all women are amazing and I've never met one who did not have at least one thing attractive about them, what that thing is will change from person to person. I think God planned it that way.
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