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Originally Posted by RunbikeSki View Post
Abby that is TERRIFIC! Super job. So did you finish feeling that you were ready to sign up for another race?
You bet I do - it was a great time, all of it, the kids rooting me on at the side of the road, the fun with friends before hand, the fact DH appeared (he works near this course) and was screaming my name at the finish line.

I was pretty steady, 9 minute miles at each check point, I chose someone to beat in given stretches, and that worked well to keep me moving.

I made a mistake signing up, they had an "Athena" category for women over 140 lbs, I thought that would put me higher in rankings, so I signed up as that (I'm 150 these days). Instead, they put all the Athenas, and the large men (I forget the name of their category), in one group - I was #25 in that group, but #8 in women 50-55 (I flipped the results to a spreadsheet to figure this out). Had they done it the way I expected (age group and weight class both considered in ranking, I would be #1 in Athenas 50-55).

Can you tell I'm a little bubbly?

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