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Originally Posted by nichaleh View Post
I have decided I need to add some more structured exercise in to this journey. I checked out the boards at the little gym we have in our town. I have tried just training in the gym and I find myself feeling completely lost, I think I would do better in a class. Here is what is available when I have time:
  • zumba
  • step aerobics
  • Boot camp 1 hour
  • yogalates (cross between yoga and pilates)
  • strength for health core and cardio (aimed mainly at older people but everyone welcome)

I can probably only afford 1 class a week for now. I'm curious about boot camp but I'm scared that I will end up in a room full of people who are much fitter than me.
Why don't you talk to the boot camp instructor, and voice that concern? My guess is that you will get an answer something like this "I try to make my class welcoming for everyone, I can help you modify movements to your fitness level. Class should challenge you, but not force you out, would you like to observe once before you sign up?" (anyway, that's what I hope I would say if I were an instructor). If it really is meant to be an advanced class, he or she will tell you so.

That voice telling you that all the fitter people don't want you around is lying - many of those athletic gods and goddesses weren't always that way, and love to see someone working to improve. The people I find most inspirational in the gym are the ones a the beginning of their journeys, I always hope I keep seeing them.

Good luck, tell us what you decide.

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