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I totally get You.
Apart from looking bad...

What was humiliating for me is that I had to ask my boyfriend to tie my shoes for me, because I couldn't bend.

And clothing... having nothing to wear for work, and my stomach slipping out when getting out of car or sitting.... uhhhh

And You're right about home - everything was dirty because I had no strength to clean floor or to bend behind furniture. I only did dishes and some easy stuff...

I decided to do something because all of this, and now I feel better, happier, stronger, faster, bendy ... I can tie my shoes without sitting.
I only hope I'll keep this weight for good.

My good looking female colleague told once:
''Taking care of your weight is pure hygiene. If You take care of your clothes, take shower every day, wash hands, hair, putting makeup, taking care of your outside - why not taking care of what you put inside your body?''
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