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Hi all!

It is Wed right? I am traveling - in DC - heading home later today. I didn't get a lick of exercise in, not even much walking. But I ate pretty well. I have a tendency to skip a meal or 2 when I travel and then more that make up for it later . I did that a little last night. I am in the heart of restaurants here, so last night I decided to go on a little tasting tour. Oysters at Clydes, tappas across the street (with an accompaning adult beverage - but just 1) and planned on a light seafood main course at Legal Seafood. I really wasn't hungry enough to justify the prices so I went for a stroll instead. But by the time I got back to hotel, I was hungry again and the choices available for a snack-type meal weren't great. So I splurged on a sinfully, creamy, fatty, crab dip w/toasted bagette. It was pretty good, not awesome, so I ate about half. But knowing what I know about such dishes, it was probably a full day's calorie load right there.

OK back to the routine tomorrow.

BTW I think I'll skip the weigh-in this week.
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