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Welcome ftshadow! The fact that you have come to fitday shows that you're making an effort. Congratulations. I've had a horrible time losing weight. I also did WW for about 4 months and then fell off the band wagon. According to my mother, who lost 25lbs with WW and has kept it off for going on 2 years, the missing link was me not going to the weekly weigh-ins and "meetings". I just couldn't afford it financially and couldn't take the time to go. I do my exercising in the evenings. After a long, stressful day a little work-out helps relax and calm me down.

Two weeks ago I started really paying attention to what I eat. I haven't cut anything out of my diet. I just watch my portions and use moderation. I also started exercising using YouTube videos. There is every kind of work out you could imagine on there! lol
In doing those things, I have lost 3lbs in 2 weeks. I'm happy with that! I would also recommend taking multivitamins. I take a woman's one a day along with additional B-12.

Just set your mind to do it! Each of us have the power and the tools to lose whatever weight we want. You're healthy body is out go get it!
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