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Originally Posted by oldlift View Post
Anyone know anything about these claims that increasing testosterone levels, will boost metabolism? Help with weight loss,management?

Or tried Green Tea...for the same thing?

Likely all snake oil,..but thought I'd ask?
I have just started on Testosterone replacement Therapy. Generally general practitioners are reluctant to prescribe T. The line you will get is that if you fall between 200- 1000 in your levels you are in the normal range. That is a big range. Test results too can vary depending on any number of factors. I have been tested twice this past year one at 237 and and another at 350. I finally went to Men's Clinics of America in chicago area- They see anything under 500 as low. I am seeing some really good progress. My workouts are easier my body is looking better and feeling more energized. I was reluctant to go at first. I didn't want to be seen as trying to "juice" but it really is a quality of life issue and if you do have low t you are simply bringing up your T to where you might have been at 20-30. What finally convinced me was reading the book "Testosterone for Life" It is an excellent book written by a doctor who has done his homework and looked at all of the research out there on arguments against TRT and debunks many of the medical mtyhs that still exist today. WARNING: Going to men's clinics is a bit pricey- I am currently exploring other options to find a doc who will prescribe outside their clinic. Mens clinics or others like them specialize in T replacement and sexual performance issues and they don't take insurance or let you get your T they prescribe from insurance -you have to go through them. I started a couple months ago and got a 6 months program to see how it goes. So far so good- Good luck
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