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ftshadow, i started changing my eating habits back in about february, and i also had more than 100 lbs to lose (i have lost 45 and have 95 more to go). the key for me when i got started was to NOT change everything in one day. i made gradual changes. first, i worked on switching to whole grains. then i worked on getting off soda. i did small changes one at a time so that i wasn't overwhelmed. i started keeping track of my calories at the end of february. at first, i didn't do so well. but i just kept track of everything to see where i could make small gradual changes. i now have a nutritionist/behavioral change therapist who tells me that if you want sustainable change, it should be gradual change. i wasn't excited about counting calories, either. it was a real chore at first. but it was a real eye opener to what was actually going into my body. when i saw my first small positive results is when i started getting more excited, because it was actually working. now, for me, another important thing is that i don't deny myself anything. if my daughter makes a batch of brownies, i cut up the pan into equal (real size) servings and i have one. if i want a few chips, i weigh them and have a few...and always log everything because a bite here and there can really get away from you. if you ask me it's really important to not feel deprived, because then you'll probably end up binging at some point. i weigh and measure everything. it really helps me to not over eat unintentionally. once i saw a few results is when i really got on board with counting and logging. my blood pressure lowered, i lost a few pounds for the first time in over 5 years, my glucose numbers are almost normal now. and i FEEL better. so i guess my advice to you is to start out making gradual changes that you can live with...don't forget to try to eliminate processed foods as much as possible too and replace them with healthy, whole foods. i hope this helps a little. just hang in there and start making it a habit. it will come and become 2nd nature. also, i forgot, another thing that helps me stay on track is that i use fitday to plan my meals and snacks for the next day ahead of time so i don't resort to foraging and choosing the wrong things. i don't always follow my plan 100%, but it's great to have as a guideline for keeping on track. hope this helps. keep at'll get there!
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