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Originally Posted by JaimeMWS View Post
It wasn't paleo, but I followed a high fat/high protein/low carb diet for 5 years, and then had a comprehensive physical, and the only abnormality was that the "good cholesterol" was abnormally high and the "bad cholesterol" was very low. My doctor was impressed.
Has anyone heard of Barry Groves? He has excellent material on his website. I still struggle with the idea that eating saturated fat is okay.

However when I followed the high fat/low carb principles (two years ago) I initially felt disgusting for two to three days - and then the weight just dropped off me. It was the easiest weight loss I ever experienced. Being a baker I missed cakes and eventually caved in to my old carby lifestyle..or the past year or so. Just weighed myself again have gained it all back plus some. Feel disgusting. Contemplating the HF lifestyle again.

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