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Originally Posted by ChaiKitty View Post
stamatiaa -- woohoo! another Furhmanite! I am really excited that you mentioned that the diet has liberated you from food addictions because I am slowly starting to notice the same thing for me. I use to be on the "six small meals a day" bandwagon and could hardly go 3 hours without some sort of snack. Now I am totally free and just eat a big breakfast, lunch, and dinner full of veggies, beans, and fruit. It really makes me feel good. Giving up my coffee/caffeine is something I want to do next...

Unfortunately, I have not used FitDay to log my food on this diet. I usually only use the weight tracker and message boards.

But I am curious to know, do you have any vegan cookbook or blog recommendations?
I just bought the Happy Herbivore cookbook after drooling over it at Barnes and Noble for the past few weeks. But I'm always on the lookout for other easy, healthy (by Fuhrman standards) cookbooks.

By the way, thanks for the information on the ANDI score guide. I had no idea that he played a role in it's further development. That's great! Any way to make the diet more accessible to more people is an accomplishment in my mind.
The website has some fantastic and easy recipes.
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