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Originally Posted by Kathy13118 View Post
'Net carbs' are invented - I've read that Dr. Eades invented the term but I've also read that it is a marketing tool devised to sell low-carb products.

What Are Net Carbs? | Diabetes Forecast Magazine
While I agree that the manufacturers of low-carb products are using 'net carbs' as a marketing tool (even tho they don't seem to have any affect on my blood sugar, I don't believe for a minute that the sugar alcohols don't count LOL), the fact is that since fibre is indigestible it doesn't count. Therefore, deducting the fibre from the total carbohydrate count gives you the 'net carb' count. For those of us who choose a low-carb WOE to regulate blood sugar, this calculation is very important.

I don't mind having to go to the calorie breakdown chart and subtracting the fibre from the total carb count, in fact I think it makes me more conscious of how many usable carbs I have ingested by having to do the calculation, but please please do not remove the fibre count or I will have to go to another site as this information is very important to me.

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