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Default what should I be doing this week for 5K Thursday Eve?

My normal routine
Sunday, long walk
Monday Short (warm up) run, then strength training
Tuesday Spin Class
Wednesday - 5 K run, then boot camp class (strength training)
Thursday 5K Run, then yoga
Friday - Spin class

My goal is to beat my prior time of 29.45 - I routinely do 5K in 27 minutes on a treadmill first thing in the AM.

The race is Thursday after work, I've only run after work once, it went fine, but no speed demon. I plan to skip running Thursday AM, should I also skip yoga? Can I do my Wednesday routine?

I plan to eat a good breakfast Thursday, a light lunch, and a banana and peanut butter around 4 before a 6:30 start time - any thoughts?

Also, my prior (and only) 5K water was a problem, the halfway water point wasn't enough for me, any suggestions? HOw can I keep my water sufficiently high before the race that I'm ready?


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