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Well hasn't my butt just gotten a work out today! I'm sure I've mentioned on here, but in case not, we live on a third floor apartment, and I had to make three trips to get all the stuff downstairs! I really didn't want to cop out on the real workout, I want to establish this as a routine, since the food part has more or less gotten that way. I don't know what I'm going to do once I'm out in the real world more. My best friend's oldest just turned six, and she's having a party for him this weekend.... I'm nervous, cause I know there'll be pizza there. But I'll stick to just cheese, which is one of my favorites, anyway. At least the party is at the local nature center, that will mean lots of walking around and looking at things.

I ignored the dreaded potato tonight! I made up just enough so the boyfriend could have some with his dinner. I would have felt bad if all he got was a pork chop and some broccoli. He has my opposite problem, he could really stand to put on a couple pounds. That's gotten to be my habit lately anyway. I make a serving of a couple different veggies for myself to go along with what we're already having. And I eat them first, that way I fill my tummy with really good things, and don't eat as much as the fattier stuff. I will sometimes give myself a little ration of mashed potatos, but I have to be careful, because that's like kryptonite to me. I love the things.

I think I'm going to start buying the frozen greens and seasoning them myself. The biggest problem I'm having is keeping my sodium levels down. So I'm trying to buy fresh and frozen veggies so that way I can control the salt myself. Which, left to my own devices, I have discovered I don't really need, so beyond flavoring meats, I don't use it anymore.

Ok, I'm tired, the mega rambling has begun. I never took that afore mentioned shower, so here's to hoping I get at least ten minutes of hot water (our building seems to be having some kind of hot water issue it never really had before), my stiff muscles could use the heat. But at least they're just stiff and not sore!

Good night, my ladies, don't dwell on mistakes, and remember, tomorrow's a clean slate, so don't give up the good fight over a few transgressions!
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