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Best wishes - it sounds like you are on the right path! Concerning beer, etc. It depends what program you are following. For me, reducing carbohydrates is necessary. I find that I can have a glass of dry wine in the evening and still lose weight, if it is followed by or is with a healthy dinner. Fruit juice is worse for me than wine. So it works best if I have a glass of wine and then switch to mineral water. (If I drink more than one glass my resolve to avoid unhealthy foods slips. As one of the Protein Power doctors put it, "alcohol is a gateway drug to carbs." You might look at the site for Carbohydrate Addicts to see if you, like me, need to reduce carbs to lose weight or if you just need to count calories. When I was younger I lost a lot of weight and kept if off for 5 years on the Carbohydrate Addicts Lifespan Program. One of the benefits of it was that I could eat dinner with my friends or colleagues or family, if I was careful of portions and timing. As you change your lifestyle to be healthier, you will find new friends who share that commitment to health. Good luck, and don't beat yourself up! Jaime
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