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Thank you so much Jaime Throughout my journey I learned that I can allow myself a few slips every now and then. I find it the most difficult to combine two different lifestyles into one. I like going out in the evening with my friends and have a bier or two but I learned that red wine is best if you feel like drinking alcohol during your weight loss? Is that true? Because I am trying really hard to change beer for red wine. I am not a regular drinker, but ocasionally I like it. In the past I managed to lose a few pounds including my beer guilty pleasure...I just hope I can do it again When it comes to this, I do not drink because of my friends, I often order water or natural juice but I find it very relaxing etheir way, as long as my friends are around maybe that is why in the past I could do it. Because now, I am almost avoiding going out because I am afraid that it will affect my weight loss with bad decisions regarding my food and drink. It is very difficult to get over those emotions. Guilt and the sense of defeat are the worst.

Thank you so much for your kind words. I really hope that I will find here all support that I need, since my best friend is not only against my weight loss but is also mocking my decision to get in shape. I am working on getting myself a new best friend

You gave me courage to start this journey all over again and I hope it will be the last. Since here in Slovenia is now 10 p.m. I will start my journey first thing tomorrow morning. :-D

Thank you again so much :-)
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