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I posted a response to all of your great suggestions the other day, but the website (or my computer) froze, and the post was lost! SO, here I go again, in more condensed form...

I think ultimately, I will go back to the gym (have not been there since last weekend), but for now, I need to just do something else. When I do, having an exercise partner would be great, but I hear it may be hard to find one. We'll see.

A few days ago, I joined a cycling club. I have a bike, and would really enjoy going out with a group and exploring the great outdoors. Fun and exercise at the same time. Too bad I found out (AFTER) I joined that most of the outings are 50 +/- miles from my house! So, I won't be doing that terribly often, but even if I have to drive a little bit, I think would be worth it for the experience. I will have to find places nearby where I can go out exploring on my bike alone (my kids are either too young or wouldn't share the same level of interest as myself. And my husband?...he's about as anti-exercise as they come).

What also piqued my interest was the bodybuilding idea. I always equated barbells with men!...still do. BUT I do want to check out that website and see what is there. As long as I don't start looking man-ly (the women bodybuilders I have seen on magazine covers always do!), this might be something I can actually see myself doing. I never would have thought re: this, so a definite
'thank you' for this suggestion.

A few days ago, I found my Slim in 6 DVDs from about 2 years ago. Back then, I worked out to them religiously, until the inevitable boredom set in. I have done several of the workouts this week. These certainly are convenient as it doesn't matter what the weather is outside, and I don't have to go anywhere to workout. If I throw these in the mix with the cycling and maybe bodybuilding-something or other, this may be my new routine. I am very excited!

Thank you to all who took the time to throw a suggestion my way. I was truly in a funk, and scared to death of falling off the wagon, earlier this week. I feel motivated again in a big way!!
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