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Default new on FitDay - trying to finally change my life

Hello everyone! I'm 21 and for the last year and a half I have been strugling with my weight. It all started in my last year of high school in the winter when the graduation stress started to get to me. I quit my majorettes trainings and started to spend all my time either behind books studying and eating chocolate and other junk food or in front of the TV with chocolate bar in my hand. I managed to lose some weight during my kidney infection, just in time for shopping for my prom dress. Somehow I managed to maintain my weight for a month, untill my prom. Now I have this gorgeous dress just hanging in my closet because I can't get in it anymore . Since prom, I have gained probably 14kg, that is 30.8 lbs, more. At the beginning of college last year I had 76kg (167 lbs) and I am only 5'3".
Since October 2010 I have been trying to lose weight. It was of course unsuccessful, I only managed to realize that I am an emotional eater which only put me depper into my sadness and guilt. And now, ever since last July I have been trying really hard to change myself to finally lose some weight. It hit me, when my boyfriend for 4 years said that he will leave me if I don't lose some weigt. I also started to feel his interest towards me decreasing.
So now is my final attempt. I know myself that well, that once I get to the weight I want for myself I will be able to maintain it since I managed to resolve most of my emotional trouble.
But I will not be able to do it alone. I would be very grateful if I got some support from you guys. I really am hoping to achieve my ideal weight by the end of September.
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