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Wow that is so interesting, and I guess it's the general rule - we 'bodies' are all different and respond differently to certain foods. What works for one might not work for another. You go with what you feel best on.

I am also an avid runner, 4-5 x a week, 8-10 km. I am also a raw vegan. I have noticed that my energy is not what is used to be, about a year ago I felt like I had big springs on my feet. But I have always been a vegetarian, it is since I became totally vegan - and no soy products, or nuts either - so go figure. I have refined my diet so much that I get stomach cramps when I have concentrated foods such as dried fruit and nuts. I have alot of green juice, green smoothies & raw soups. I'll blend up a whole lot of stuff and use cut up veggies to dip into it. I do have a rice protein powder twice a day, which is not 100% raw but it only has one ingredient, so it's ok.

I'm getting back into sprouting beans again, which is also a sure fire way to get some perfect energy. There is a guy on the internet who is a raw vegan runner, check out his site Tim VanOrden's Running Raw Project - Home

And DON'T feel bad about eating meat, if you find it works for you. As long as you are getting organic meat and are not overdoing it - you are fine. As with another comment check out hemp meal or protein. I wish I could get it here but 'they' (the system) won't let it into our country because of it's link to the obvious.

Coconut oil is brilliant. I was having 2 tablespoons a day at one time last year, and I beat my running times by 4 minutes. I recommend it! Good luck.
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