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Originally Posted by Kathy13118 View Post
Weight Watchers works best for me. I love their new plan (Points Plus) because of the zero points vegetables and fruits. But lots of WWs fall back to the old plan if they can't adjust easily to the new plan. Some even go back to the really, really early WW program that told you how many slices of bread you could have a day. Each personality has a diet that suits them.
I've seen WW on this thread a lot . I like the newest program (points plus) because the fruits and most veggies are "free". This helps me keep on track because I don't have to choose between an orange, or the occasional sweet or salty snack. It also keeps a healthy calorie intake depending on your weight... the more you weigh when you join, the more points you get, as your weight goes down, so does your points allowance.

It feels healthier than making a drastic cut from a high calorie way of eating and suddenly dropping to 1000-1400 calories overnight! I lost 25# in my first 3 months (almost 7 in the first week) and haven't felt deprived at all . As you learn to eat better, it naturally becomes a lifestyle instead of a diet just by teaching you how to budget your points better, so as long as you keep tracking (especially on fitday) you don't have to keep going after you get the hang of it, unless you enjoy the face to face accountability or discussions. is offline   Reply With Quote