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Originally Posted by infinitrim View Post
Im 5'2 and 130. would love to be at 118 as well. I used to be 248, and have maintained my weight loss for 10 years. But I have difficulty with the few extra pounds
Wow, big congrats for losing over a 100 pounds! That is awesome. I suspect at this point all you need to do is a little tweeking of your current eating habits. I find that a month or 2 of low carbs, higher protein and lots of exercise will do the trick. You already know how to discipline yourself, it is just a matter of finding a good time to get back into that mindset. I know you can do it! And that's why we are here.

Originally Posted by ZoeDuc View Post
Well, I'm back. After reaching my goal last July of 155. I've been going up and down since. Well I weighed in yesterday and I'm 168.

So here I am again, documenting everything I eat.

Hi Kim,
Welcome back. Good job in catching the weight gain before it gets out of hand. I have to say that I have stopped and started logging several times over the last few years (it does get a little tedious sometimes) but in truth I think I will probably be a "lifer" on this sight. Nothing else seems to keep me accountable the way FitDay does.

I am confident that once you get back into the habit those extra pounds will drop right back off.
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