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Default The best exercise is the one you enjoy the most

You have hit the nail on the head as to why I was never much of a gym rat, booooorrrrrinnnng. I'm a totally outdoors kinda girl. I used to say that if it wasn't outdoors, it wasn't exercise. That is until I discoverd CrossFit (no advertising... but maybe a little prostilizing). You can google it is you are not familiar. A CrossFit gym is part bootcamp, part traditional weight lifting, and now a part of my extended family.

I defiinitely agree that it is time to switch it up. Not just your gym routine, but maybe a new class, and a whole new activity. I have to admit I have always had a hard time finding exercise partners, at least ones that last for very long. But when I do partner up for a while it really does make the time spent more enjoyable.

The bottom line? DO NOT QUIT! Just start broadening your exercise horizons!
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