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Originally Posted by alleysgurl View Post
Yes friends, it's been since April of 2011 since I last visited here.

Not much has changed, weigh goes up and down. Still have a hard time with controlling my sweet tooth. I am 5'7, 30 yrs old and weigh 174lbs. I have 3 kids. I'm not listing excuses, just laying it all out there in case someone has been there and done that. lol
I started Zumba Fitness on the Wii last week. LOVE IT! It's nothing for me to burn 300 cal per 30min. That may seem low to most but for me, it's amazing! I did notice that for the first time tonight, I felt like I could go another 30 min. Maybe I'll try that tomorrow.

Anyway, I love reading every one's good reports! It's encouraging!

Glad to be back. I'm here to stay this time.
Glad to see you back! And even happier to know you won't be leaving us anytime soon. Some of us have abandonment issues
5'4" 55yr

2.5 years, 45 pounds later... 128ish pounds
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