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Originally Posted by JaimeMWS View Post
Recent research shows that the composition of calories does make a difference - see studies reported in Science News Daily. When I was following a high-carb low-calorie diet I lost only if I restricted calories to about 1200 a day and exercised twice a day. With a low-carb diet I lost 40 lbs, and kept it off for 5 years, without counting calories and with little exercise. Now I am post-menopausal I am tracking calories as well as carbs, protein, and fiber, and find that I lose at about 1500 calories a day with the carbs from low-glycemic, high-fiber, sources. That is fewer calories than I burn, but not as great a difference as I seemed to require on the low-fat (high carb) diet that is the standard recommendation by doctors and nutritionists.
I agree that composition can make a difference in how effective a diet is, but at the end of the day people have to find the composition that works best for them that still creates a calorie deficit.

For a lot of people including more protein, fewer carbs, and adding some fat to the diet helps.

Sometimes I like to eat a larger volume of food and on those days it's easier for me to just make big portions of vegetable soup or a fruit salad (mostly carbs), and other times it's easier to eat more protein and smaller portions. It varies day by day with me but I do try to make sure I don't gain weight back.

I think if there's no calorie deficit there won't be any weight loss. I worry when I hear people tell others (not you, but I've heard this before) they can eat "to satiation" if they eat enough fat or protein, not realizing how much many people can eat if they're not told to limit the portions too. Someone else on fit day recently posted that they could easily blow through 1000 calories of almonds if they let themselves. This is something I can agree with. I can also eat a lot of meat at one sitting if I was told to eat "to satiation". About the only food that's safe for me to eat to satiation and still stay within a decent calorie range are vegetables.
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