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Default hcg and the fit day calculator


I'm having a small issue with my fit day calculator. First off, I love the idea and the food database itself! But with the program (HCG) I did and now I'm in the maintenance phase I find it a little hard to know if I'm getting what I need.
After plugging in my foods and seeing all the numbers and that pie graph at the bottom I'm at my daily carb limit by mid day. It's obvious there are 'good' the kind in fruit and vegetables (I know I can eat those things) but that is usually what pumps my count up so then it looks like I have way to high of a carb %. I just don't know what I can mentally subtract from my carb total, or are all carbs bad and I should cut down on my fruit and veggie intake??? The P3 of HCG seems unatural as it is, eating all fats and lots of meat...goes against what I've been taught to do most of my life. So after eating a salmon fillet fried in butter I really want to have lots of veggies because in my mind I'm thinking..OMG my heart is going to stop soon if I keep eating butters and oils like this!! But yet the scale stays around the same's magic or something...
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