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Originally Posted by bertozzi View Post
I used this some years ago and lost a little weight but now need to really lose alot of weight so I have been back on for over 7 weeks now. I am 17 lbs down since coming back online. The website is incredibly helpful to manage calories in the different categories and nutrition information. I have been dieting since May 18 - roughly speaking it is the diabetic diet from my Dr. but with some modifications mainly I am upping the total cals from 1500 to about 1750 on average and am up to about 1 hour/day of cardio exercise - around 600 cals in exercise. Ideally I would like to lose another 75 lbs but am setting shorter term goals like a total of 30 lbs by end of September and a total of 20 lbs by end of July.
congrats on your success thus far! Short term goals are the way to go.
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