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Default When will the pounds start coming off?

I have been having an issue with my weight. Talking with my doctor yet again, she suggested I keep a food diary and my son suggested Fitday. So I record EVERYTHING that passes my lips. It says a 3500 calorie deficit or close to should result in a 1 pound weight loss. Well, I started Wednesday and so far am down 5000 calories. But the scale hasn't moved. I walk usually about 3-5 miles at 3-3.5 miles per hour. But I have always done that. Not like I just started and can use the "you are gaining muscle" argument. I am post menopausal and my thyroid tests come back in the normal range. I do take a drug to block my body from making estrogen because of two bouts of BC. (Thought it might be that. So I stopped for a few months. NO change. But tumor markers rose, so I am back on them again.)
Any thoughts about what I am doing wrong? My calorie intake in less than 1200 calories usually. And I am not hungry. What can be keeping the scale from dropping? Thank you, everyone!
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