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njh50- Hello Ive been on my journey since i was 18 years old! Im now 27- i got pregnant with my first child at 17 and dont get me wrong he was planned but what wasnt was the amount of weight i gained. I was young and naive thinking that i would shrink back to normal after the birth so all i did was eat! Suffering bad all day sickness for the whole 9 months i only felt ok really late at night so would scoff things that now i wouldnt even look at.
Then i went on and had another child when i was 20 and have struggled with my weight since. I was also in a bad realtionship so depression and comfort eating took hold and i just stopped caring aboabout myself or so i pretended. Really i hated myself and prefered being in the house gorging on huge portions constantly.

I got out of the relationship which was the best thing and met someone new who gave me all the confidence i needed. I started to like myself more and believe in myself. I began at weightwatchers- i agree with what you say about slimming world- id tried that twice and with 2 different leaders who were not as supportive as id expect- i certainly know i wouldnt be one bit how they are if i became a leader. Weightwatchers was just as bad and i didnt get any enjoyment out of the group. I did lose 4 stone with weightwatchers though- on/off for 3 years. I must say though the difference with the Rosemary Conley classes is huge. The people are really friendly and the leader is the best- she makes me want to go every week cos she is so supportive and REAL!

Well thats a bit about me and ive always seen this as a lifestyle change but there are alot of times that challenge me. Im still learning but im focused to get to goal for next March- im bridesmaid at my sisters wedding and dont want to look back on photos feeling i could have looked better for her special day.

I agree with the horrible weather making us all miserable- it started off nice this morning and now theres a black cloud over the house- lets not let that get in the way though. Keep positive and i dont put you to shame

Tracey xx
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Final Goal Weight- 135lbs (9st 7lbs)
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