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Hi Tracey,
I am getting soooo fed up of the rain!!! It is really doing my head in! I think I must suffer from SAD (seasonal affected disorder) because on the rare occasion the sun shines I feel so much fitter, happier and more positive.

Congratulations on the 5 stone loss! Thats amazing. How long has it taken? Have you only done Rosemary Conley low fat? I always try and eat low fat and low sugar (I have Type 2 Diabetes) but find I can shift half a stone or so if I drop the carbs. Cutting carbs is not advised with my medical condition and I am told to "eat healthily and exercise". Trouble is that doesnt seem to work as well. EXTREMELY frustrating! Im just so fed up of feeling tired all the time.

I went to Slimming World a couple of years ago but found it very patronizing (might have been the woman in charge) I didnt like the feeling of being "on trial" when I got weighed. I get enough of that when I go to the doctors for a check up, ha ha!!

Take care and congrats again on weightloss, you put me to shame.
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