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I just posted my first thread, and the time stamp on my computer says I posted @ 7:15am or so, but it's only 12:25am now... Is there a way that I can change my time stamp? I'm not sure if it is only on my end, or if everyone sees the same time I do.

And how do you create a tag line? Are there any rules about content or lenght?

Check the tab at the top of the page called "user CP" I think somewhere in the profile section you can tell FD what your time zone is, that should give you the correct time. You should also be able to add a tag line.

The only hard and fast rule on FD is no advertising, typically referred to as SPAM. So don't add links to your messages or taglines that send the reader to sites where products, or competing websites are featured. However, adding a link to some informative article or data source is perfectly acceptable.

Basically you want to keep your messages on topic and relatively brief, but again that is totally flexible. Sometimes a long, detailed message is necessary to explain a situation or ask a question. I think if you just do some scanning through the threads and topics you get the general idea. Personally, really long messages (unless they are directly related to a topic I am interested in) tend to get skipped or scanned.

You can also send a "private message" via email to someone that you would like to talk to directly w/o posting it in public.

I hope that helps
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