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Hi Nancy,

Sorry I havent been in touch, I dont know where the weeks are going - must be my age! Sorry to hear you have been unwell with the migraines again. I hope you feel better soon and are back to your old self.

I have been getting a lot of joint pain ( mostly hands and feet) which is not painful when walking but makes it very uncomfortable. It also affects most of my other joints and generally makes me feel tired and unwell. This miserable summer we are having is not helping - very depressing! I have managed to loose 0.8lb this week so at least I did not put ON. I have been watching what I eat (always having a smaller portion/no second helpings/choosing the healthy option) but I try not to calorie count as that immediately makes me feel deprived and more hungry. My weight loss is not going as fast as I would like but at least I am registering a loss each week rather than a gain, so I am trying to be positive. I just have to accept that it is going to take longer.

Well done to your daughter and her friends for completing the Tough Mudder. My daughter completed the 10km Race for Life last Sunday in 1 hr 17 mins - not bad considering her surgery was less than a year ago. She is a very determined young woman, who makes me very proud.

Must go as my Dad has just arrived.

Take care and I hope you continue to feel better.
Much love,
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