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Default How does one calculate Carbs/Calories/Fat of Marinade when grilling?

I often throw about 10 chicken breasts in a ziploc bag and make a homemade marinade of Light Zesty Italian Dressing, Cayenne pepper, ground black pepper, crushed red pepper, Red Tobasco and Green tobasco. I love it and can eat it for every meal which is nice (I am a simpleton).

I am left wondering how to calculate calories/carbs/fat from the marinade itself.
I always just throw the whole bottle of dressing in the marinade and the chicken soaks in the mixture for a day. I don't re-apply marinade really once the chicken is on the grill so when done, the Ziploc is still full of the marinade.
Should I not count any carbs, fat, etc. from dressing? Does it "burn off"?
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