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Default work nights, crazy eating habits

Hi everyone. I work Monday-Friday from 8pm-5am not including my 45 minute drive time. I usually sleep from 6am-1pm (but it's not good sleep as I live in an apartment and there is always outside noise, etc.) No matter how much sleep I get I am always exhausted between 3am-5am. We are moving to another state in November and I am going to insist on getting a day job but until then I am stuck on this shift.

My question is how do those of you who work nights plan your meals? When I was on days I had 3 meals & 2 light snacks a day. Now, I feel like I can't get in 3 meals but I am constantly hungry. I had read somewhere that night shift workers should try & eat their 3 meals before going to work and then take a light snack to eat during work if they felt they absolutely had to. This would only give me 6 hours in which to eat 3 meals and then I would be up working all night with nothing but veggie sticks

Right now I typically eat "breakfast" around 1-1:30pm then I have "lunch" around 5-6pm and "dinner" sometime during the night usually around 1am. When I get home I am starving and usually have some toast with peanut butter & cup of green tea then I hit the bed.

Any advice on how I could change my meals around and also avoid that exhausted feeling that hits me every morning between 3-5am? What types of foods do you take to eat during your night shifts? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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