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Lightbulb feedback: needs to be easier to add recent foods

In the Fitday 2 beta, there are too many steps involved in adding recent foods.
  • In order to find my food, I may have to page through several pages to get to it -- a single scrollable alphabetical list would be much easier to use
  • Once I find my food and hit the green + button, it does not add my food, but brings me to the food page, from which I can add the food. Please remove this step and if desired add a different way to go to the food's detail page

It looks nice, but in terms of getting my foods entered, I'll be going back to classic for now.

By the way, if there is any way to make fitday not timeout all the time, that would be really, really, really nice. I keep a tab open on my computer all day, but usually have to log back in every time I eat something.
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