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Originally Posted by EmyD8623 View Post
My name's Emy. I'm new here and this is about my millionth attempt at trying to lose weight. Well, about 2 years ago, I was weighing 150 lbs, which I was really happy with as I am a very busty girl with big hips.

When I lost my job, however, the weight starting creeping and by the time I got pregnant I was weighing 196 Lbs. My end weight during pregnancy was 239. I gave birth in December, and since then, have lost all the baby weight (I can attribute that to the hecticness of being a first-time mom and breastfeeding). I am now back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 195.

I am trying to reach my goal weight of 150 by mid-December and it is proving to be very difficult to stick to this journey. I lose motivation very quickly. I am also much too lazy to count calories. I try to go for an hour walk/jog at the park a day, but if I skip a day, it becomes very inconsistent.

I could really use some advice to help me make it through. Any and all help will be very much appreciated! I look forward to venturing on our journeys to meet our health goals together and making new friends!
Welcome Emy! I am pretty new here too, after having spent much of my life struggling with weight. I have found the "Exercise" threads in the Forum to be very helpful in providing motivation - the people there have been encouraging, and it is inspiring to read what other people are doing.

You seem to put yourself down - thinking you are "lazy" because you don't count calories, for example. You are a new mother, and you are trying to do something which is very hard - change your eating and exercise habits. You aren't "lazy," you are human! That said, FitDay makes counting calories a lot easier - you enter food, and it computes calories.
You don't say what kind of eating program you are following. A good one for you will not be a daily struggle, because it will give you more energy and reduce cravings. Read through the different posts on this site and you will find different folks follow much different plans. Some restrict calories and fat but not carbohydrates; others follow a low-carb high protein plan. (I haven't done a scientific survey, but my impression is that it depends in part on how much people exercise and how. Marathon runners can eat a much more carb intensive diet than those of us whose exercise is walking or jogging.) When you have lost weight in the past, what were you doing? Don't beat yourself up for not following a plan if it isn't the right plan for you!

I am also trying to reach my goal weight of 150 by the end of the year, having started at 195 a year ago. (I'm 55 though, so I can't blame my most recent weight gain on pregnancy.) For me, a low-carb, high non-starchy vegetable, high protein, eating plan is the only one that works and also is livable, because I react to simple carbs the way that an alcoholic reacts to alcohol - there is no such thing as moderation. (I think there is a connection - there is both alcoholism and diabetes in my immediate family.) I discovered this many years ago when I went from size 16 to size 8 following the Carbohydrate Addicts Lifespan Program. (Gained it back when I lived in a dorm as a post-menopausal woman as part of a career change.)

But your body may be different. Try picking a plan and following it for three weeks. Record what you eat on FitDay, and also record your mood and your activity levels. After three weeks, how do you feel? How much of a struggle is it to stick to the program? Do you have more energy? Do you see some weight loss? Are you more or less patient with your family and friends? Give yourself permission to evaluate the plan and tweak it until you find the one you can live with long-term, that improves your life now as well as helping you reach your goal.

You can do it!

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